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17 May 2021
Sir Edward Burne-Jones - Psyche Receiving the Casket Back (Palace Green Murals). BIRMINGHAM MUSEUMS TRUST
Celebrating Museums, Galleries and Country Houses Re-Opening: Ten Exhibitions to Visit this Summer

As life is hopefully beginning to return to normal museums, galleries and country houses have re-opened their doors to the public again. There are a number of exciting long-term exhibitions opening and as most of us are probably facing a ‘staycation’ summer there is plenty to inspire across the UK . With so many of...

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03 Aug 2018
Sixty Second Interview with V & A Museum Curator – Dr Heike Zech

Museum Curator, Dr Heike Zech, talks about her role as guardian of the fabulously opulent Rosalinde and Arthur Gilbert collection, which has been housed at the V & A Museum since 2008. The collection which was donated to the nation in 1996 by Sir Arthur, focuses on delicate enamel miniatures and ornately decorated gold boxes...

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15 Jun 2015
Museums Embrace Entrepreneurialism But There Are Risks
Museums Embrace Entrepreneurialism But There Are Risks

Local council budgets were cut by 40% under the last government (according to the Local Government Association) and with a Conservative majority now promising to further tighten council spending in order to tackle the budget deficit, museums must increasingly look elsewhere for funding. Often seen as a luxury rather than a necessity, the heritage sector...

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