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Independent Advice on Private Health Insurance

Independent Advice on Private Health Insurance

Private Health Insurance is notoriously complex and it can be very difficult to compare cover in different private health policies if you are not familiar with specialist terms and the real-life costs of individual treatments. This is where a knowledgeable, unbiased and experienced health insurance broker is indispensable.

Even if you already have health insurance in place we can review your current cover. Then if we find a more competitive policy we can help you move without losing any cover for pre-existing medical conditions.*

Our role as your broker is to put you and your health first and compare insurance cover objectively.

The advice we give is thorough because we have in-depth knowledge of the health insurance industry and the limitations and benefits which lie outside standard terms and conditions.

We take the time to understand you and your family and this holistic, consultative approach helps us provide you with the best health insurance options, finding cover that matches your lifestyle rather than offering generic advice that does not apply to you.

(*subject to insurer conditions)

What are the advantages of health insurance?
  • Accelerated diagnosis and treatment
  • Access to the most advanced treatment options
  • Choice of specialists and hospitals
  • Appointments made at your convenience
  • Care and recovery in a private, comfortable environment
Castleacre can help you find excellent private health cover on the best possible terms
  • we negotiate with insurers and tailor your policy to your precise needs
  • we help you navigate through the jargon and small print in health policies
  • we are allied to you and not to a particular product or insurer
  • we can objectively review an existing policy
  • if we can improve your cover we will help you move insurers regardless of pre-existing health conditions

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International Health Policies

International Health Insurance is designed for people who live or work abroad for extended periods. These policies offer all the advantages of a domestic private health policy but with some important additional benefits:

  • Access to diagnostic procedures and treatments in overseas hospitals.
  • You can choose what countries you wish to be covered in and revaluate at each renewal.
  • As with domestic health insurance, International Health insurance is a very modular form of insurance and cover can be tailored to you precise needs.
  • You can opt for elective surgery in the country of your choosing, gaining access to treatment that is not available in your current location

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