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Yacht and Marine Insurance

Yacht and Marine Insurance

Tailored insurance for a wide range of yachts and marine vessels.

Yacht and marine insurance policies are as diverse as the risk factors – considerations include anything from the value, age and type of vessel to whether it is sailed inside UK shores or used for global travel.

Owners of high value yachts may want to place greater emphasis on piracy, kidnap, ransom,  and theft risks if they are crossing international waters, while third party liability will be an important priority with the higher accident risk associated with power boats. In the same vein classic yachts and boats present their own insurance issues with variability in condition and restoration costs. Contact us for more information.

Our Yacht and Marine cover:
  • Insurance for yachts, boats and sailing vessels and high performance power boats.
  • Policies include theft, accidental damage and third party liability
  • Extra cover to include other risks such as personal accident, medical cover for passengers and crew and race insurance.
  • Agreed fixed value policy
  • Specialist marine insurance surveys for classic yachts and boats

Contact Us

+44 1787 211 155

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