Complaints Process

Complaints procedure Operated by Castleacre Insurance (Services) 


This procedure is operated by Castleacre for the financial services provided under the Consumer Protection Code.

Our objectives:

  • To respond to complaints in a courteous, timely and fair manner.
  • To endeavour to address the specific issues raised by you and, where appropriate, update our procedures to avoid re-occurrence of problems.
  • To endeavour to achieve a situation where you feel we have addressed the complaint.
  • If you remain dissatisfied with the outcome of our efforts, we will ensure you are notified of the right to refer the matter to the Financial Services & Pensions Ombudsman (“FSPO”).


  1. We will establish and maintain a complaints file and all complaint records will be kept for six years.
  2. Where we receive an oral complaint, we will offer you the opportunity to have the complaint treated as a written complaint.
  3. We will investigate the complaint on the basis of our understanding of the issue.
  4. We will acknowledge in writing each complaint within 5 business days of receipt. This acknowledgement will contain a copy of these procedures and notification that you can refer the matter to the FSPO:
    –  if you are not happy with the outcome of our investigation or
    –  if the matter has not been resolved within 40 business days (the anticipated timeframe within which the firm hopes to resolve the complaint).
    Contact details of the Financial Services & Pensions Ombudsman will also be provided.
  5. We shall investigate the complaint as swiftly as possible, and you will receive an update on the complaint at intervals of not greater than 20 days starting from the date on which the complaint is made.
  6. We will attempt to investigate and resolve the complaint within 40 business days of having received the complaint. Where the 40 business days has elapsed and the complaint is not resolved you will be informed of the anticipated timeframe within which we hope to resolve the complaint and advise you can
    refer the matter to the FSPO (with contact details provided).
  7. Within 5 business days of the conclusion of our investigation of the complaint we will send you a written report of the outcome of this investigation. This report shall include an explanation of the terms of any offer that we are prepared to make in settlement of the complaint. We will also inform you of the right to refer the complaint to the FSPO and advise you can refer the matter to the FSPO (with contact details provided).
  8. Where it appears to us that you are not satisfied with the outcome of our investigation, and where we feel that we cannot progress the issue further, we will immediately write to you advising you can refer the matter to the FSPO (with contact details provided).
  9. A senior manager will review the file before its conclusion, and attempt to identify any procedures that can be implemented by us to avoid a repeat of the type of complaint received. Any new procedures will be immediately communicated to all staff and placed in the Written Procedures file.

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