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10 May 2022
Cyber threats to business - digital finger print
Digital Dependency and the Cyber Threat

Cyber Insurance is now an essential ingredient for Business. We have become increasingly reliant on digital technology and databases to manage sensitive information.  Our dependency on these digital systems was accelerated during the pandemic when many of us managed our work and business activity remotely. At the same time, the number of malicious cyber-attacks on...

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25 Mar 2021
How vulnerable is your business to cybercrime and new criminal social engineering?
How vulnerable is your business to cybercrime and what can you do to protect it?

In 2016 the Annual Fraud indicator estimated that private sector businesses lost an estimated £144 billion in Britain through criminal fraud – it is something that all entrepreneurs and company owners, large or small, should take seriously as ever more sophisticated techniques are employed. Cybercrime, used either to maliciously disrupt email, data, and web services...

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