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04 Oct 2023
Listed terrace housing
Protecting a Renovation Project – Don’t rely on your Contractor’s Insurance

Many people are choosing to renovate or extend their properties rather than move, particularly in urban areas but often people mistakenly rely on their contractor’s insurance to protect their home during structural renovations. Castleacre Insurance Director, Hugo Johnsen, explains: ‘People do not always realise that if you are starting a building project at your home...

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23 Jul 2023
Risks of Underinsurance during an inflationary periodn and Inflation
As Building Costs Rise Rapidly What are the Risks of Underinsurance?

The dramatic rise in the cost of building materials, labour shortages and supply issues has led to a rise in rebuild costs for all buildings and increased risk of Underinsurance COVID 19 and Brexit have both had huge impacts on the UK economy but since the end of lockdown, many UK businesses recovered much faster...

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14 Jun 2023
Targeted thefts making it more difficult to insure luxury cars
Targeted Thefts are Making it Difficult to Insure Luxury Cars in the Capital – What are the Solutions?

In 2022 Autocar reported that Range Rovers were the second most stolen vehicle in the UK with many insurers unnerved by a spate of claims and losses. The British Insurance Brokers Association have recently warned about the difficulty of finding insurers willing to offer stand-alone insurance not just for Range Rovers, but other high-value cars...

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22 Mar 2023
Busy city street London
Castleacre Acquires Merritt Insurance

Castleacre have acquired private client insurance brokers Merritt Insurance Services. Former Director of Merritt, Jonathan Merritt, will work alongside the Castleacre team over the next two years as client policies are transferred over. Both companies specialise in looking after clients with complex insurance requirements and the transition to Castleacre offers enhanced benefits for Merritt clients....

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15 Jan 2023
Insurance for Large Scale Architectural & Building Projects Should Protect Owners and Contractors
Protecting Your Building Project

A crucial aspect of any refurbishment or renovation project is helping a client ensure potential risks are covered by insurance. Being clear at the outset, when you start a building project protects not only the client but architectural and design consultants and project mangers, but it isn’t always obvious what the best course of action...

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