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Museum and Gallery Insurance Tailored to Protect Your Specific Risks.

Today’s museums and galleries are diverse, dynamic centres for art, education and business – relying on revenue from a variety of sources to sustain them. Complete closure or limited access to a museum or gallery or part of its core collection, can have a serious impact on income if the right insurance is not in place.

Listed building status, the security of high value objects, loan exhibitions, crowded storage facilities and the unpredictable risks of fire, flood and damage are some of the conditions that museums and galleries have to consider. Cafés, shops, fund-raising events and corporate functions contribute essential revenue but these commercial activities, within the context of ever-changing regulations surrounding public access, have created new risks.

Castleacre advise museums and galleries on their specific risks and help minimise them – arranging tailored policies that protect all commercial activities, collections, buildings, liabilities and loss of revenue.

Castleacre provide:

  • Expertise and Specialist Advice Valuations for listed buildings and collections, disaster mitigation and market value reviews. We help define and priortise core elements of the collection with supporting specialist surveyors and valuers.
  • Independent Tailored Museum Insurance & Gallery Insurance We act as your agent and are able to source the whole market rather than just one insurer. We arrange cover for your collection, property, liabilities and the risks associated with all your commercial activities. We can also provide enhanced cover for loan and visiting exhibitions.
  • Administrative Support We always ensure that you have first class administrative support with clear documentation, and we are transparent about our commission and or fees.
  • Personal Advocacy You have 24 hour access to a senior advisor. If a claim arises we work with the insurer on your behalf to ensure that compensation and settlements are resolved quickly.

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