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Executors Liability Insurance

Liability insurance to protect non-professional executors.

More and more people are becoming non professional executors, in order to carry out the last wishes, laid out in a will, for a family member or friend, but few people realise that in accepting the role, they become personally exposed to unlimited liability.

Even very simple wills can have hidden problems and the law regulating the administration of estates is complex. While many executors are acting in an amateur capacity the role imposes serious legal responsibility and unlimited personal liability. This can leave an executor vulnerable to legal action and claims by beneficiaries, estate creditors, probate, and tax officials.

For Estates Valued at Under £2 million


We can now arrange affordable Executors Liability Insurance which can give you financial and legal protection in the same way that indemnity insurance protects a solicitor in the same role. For estates valued at under £2,000,000 you can visit our online site at www.executorsinsurance.co.uk and arrange financial and legal cover within minutes.

Our Executors Liability cover offers:

  • Protection for up to four executors and administrators of estates against errors made during probate with cover for legal expenses and financial reimbursements
  • £1,000,000 of protection for an 18 month period with the option to extend the insurance for another 12 month period should you require it

For Estates Valued at Over £2 million

Larger estates, valued in excess of £2,000,000, may involve more complex asset distribution and we offer a tailored service to meet the demanding requirements placed on executors and estate adminstrators so please contact us directly at enquiries@castleacreinsurance.com.

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