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Fine Art Insurance & Valuables Insurance

Fine Art Insurance helps protects your collection against specific risks. If you own Fine Art or a Collection including Works of Art you may benefit from protecting your collection under a specialist Fine Art Insurance policy that offers important additional cover reflecting value and originality.

Castleacre understands the particular issues that surround Fine Art insurance and Specie insurance, considerations that range from defective title, protection for paired works of art and emergency removal in the case of fire and flood.

As independent brokers, we use our market knowledge to find the best fine art insurers for individual clients, galleries and museums and we ensure cover is tailored to meet the needs of each client and their collection.

We take account of changes in market value, changes in circumstance and the added complexities of replacing or restoring a valuable and unique object should the worst happen. You also need the reassurance that your cover does not just protect your possessions within your property or safe but whenever and wherever you travel.

How to Insure Fine Art, Collections and Works of Art

At Castleacre Insurance we offer

  • Fine Art insurance to cover either the market value (low/high auction estimate/retail value) or a pre-agreed value, depending on your preference
  • Work with independent specialist valuers to ensure your works of art are accurately valued for insurance
  • Worldwide Insurance cover for fine art including transit
  • Defective Title Insurance
  • Protection for Pairs Insurance
  • Advice on Fine Art Risk Management, Security and Collections Care
  • Financial compensation for Loss in Value of a Work of Art resulting from partial damage
  • Automatic temporary cover for additions to a collection


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