East Anglia Grey Partridge Conservation Award Goes to Suffolk School Teacher

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Sep 16

A part-time gamekeeper and full time teacher, Adam Steed, said he was "absolutely thrilled" to receive the Castleacre Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT) regional award for his conservation work, which has resulted in a big increase in grey partridge numbers at the Stowmarket farm where he works.

Adam Steed, receiving the Grey Partridge Conservation Award from Dr Richard Draycott GWCT and Castleacre Director Hugo Johnsen (Courtesy of the East Anglian Daily Times)


Adam Steed (centre) receiving the Castleacre GWCT East Anglian Grey Partridge Conservation Award, presented by Dr Roger Draycott (GWCT – left of photo) and Hugo Johnsen Director Castleacre Insurance (right)
(Photo Courtesy of the East Anglian Daily Times) 



The Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust in East Anglia has been encouraging farms and estates to consider re-introduding the native grey partridge to farmland over a number of years,recently their efforts have been rewarded with numbers starting to climb in Suffolk and Essex.

Each year the Castleacre GWCT Grey Partridge Conservation Award is given to the gamekeeper or landowner who has made particular strides in the sensitive land management required for the grey partridge. The award ceremony was held at the home of last year’s winner Kenneth Carlisle at Wyken Hall in Suffolk. This year’s winner was part-time gamekeeper and full time teacher, Adam Steed, who has done a great deal to improve the habitat for the grey partridge at the farm where he works in Bacton near Stowmarket.

Adam told East Anglian reporter Sarah Chambers:
“When harvest comes and you start seeing these rare birds doing well and it’s a product of the work you have put in, it’s very rewarding” He was delighted to receive this year’s award saying “I’m absolutely thrilled. It’s a very coveted award.”

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