Insurance for Large Scale Architectural & Building Projects Should Protect Owners and Contractors

Category: Castleacre News

Feb 07

A crucial aspect of any refurbishment or renovation project is helping a client ensure potential risks are covered by insurance.

Being clear at the outset protects not only the client but architectural and design consultants and project mangers, but it isn’t always obvious what the best course of action is – particularly where the project is high value and involves multiple contractors.

Most household insurance policies will normally cover minor works to a private residence up to a reasonable limit, allowing homeowners to undertake small building projects without having to inform insurers – but large scale renovation and extension projects, which fall outside Standard Insurance, require a completely different approach.

High value refurbishment, renovation and extension projects are complex and most are managed under a Joint Contracts Tribunal (JCT) Design and Build Contract (DB), where it is determined at the start who will be held responsible for the design, delivery and insurance.

We help contractors and consultants responsible for the management and delivery of a building project find the right specialist policy before the contract and final JCT is agreed.

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