Living Abroad? International Health Policies Offer Important Treatment Benefits

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Oct 11

Many of us will live and work in more than one country as a direct result of globalisation. While we are familiar with the principle of travel insurance we don’t necessarily understand the benefits of an International Health policy

For anyone who regularly works or lives overseas an international health policy gives access to the best possible health care wherever you are, and provides much more comprehensive long-term health care cover, with options for diagnosis and elective surgery in countries which may offer more advanced treatment.

Some international UK travellers who work or live for extended periods overseas might assume that travel insurance, coupled with a domestic UK private health policy, is adequate for working trips abroad, or an extended stay at a summer or winter home. Travel insurance does not offer cover for long-term health care issues and will only cover medical emergencies.

If you are on holiday overseas and injured in a car accident a travel policy will ensure you receive emergency medical treatment in situ and, depending on the cover you opted for, help you get home for further treatment. But if you felt unwell while living for three months overseas and needed specialist diagnosis or a second opinion -this would not be viewed as a medical emergency and travel insurance would not respond. This is precisely the type of situation which is covered under an international health policy.

International Health policies offer the same access to private health care treatment overseas that you would expect in the UK but they also have an important advantage. These policies include elective surgery and diagnosis options which gives access to the more advanced treatments offered in certain countries.

Benefits of an International Health Care Policy

International Health Insurance is designed for people who live or work abroad for extended periods. These policies offer all the advantages of a domestic private health policy but with some important additional benefits:

  • Access to diagnostic procedures and treatments in overseas hospitals.
  • You can choose what countries you wish to be covered in and revaluate at each renewal.
  • As with domestic health insurance, International Health insurance is a very modular form of insurance and cover can be tailored to you precise needs.
  • You can opt for elective surgery in the country of your choosing, gaining access to treatment that is not available in your current location

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