Alex Dempsey Awarded Under 30 cartoonist of 2016

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Castleacre always enjoys sponsoring the Annual Young Cartoonist of the Year which is organised by the Cartoon Museum in London. This year graphic designer Alex Dempsey secured the Award with a wonderful cartoon that had a little twist on the leaning tower of Pisa.

Alex Dempsey Awarded Under 30 cartoonist of 2016
As part of the Award Castleacre commission a cartoon with an insurance theme – not an easy task for even the most creative of people but we think Alex came up trumps with his Noah’s Ark.Alex works as a freelance Graphic Designer and Cartoonist in London after graduating in 2012 from the University of Hertfordshire with a First Class Honours in Graphic Design and a Design Award from Google.

He has since worked for a number of studios in the captial, designed t-shirts and graphics and has had a many cartoons published in books and comics. In addition he run his own original webcomic series about Rabbit. Not content with being a brilliant dratsman he spends his spare time baking and solving Rubik’s cubes and says of himself ‘I’m a confident self-starter who’s always looking to do more with my creative talents … I loathe having nothing on my to-do list.’

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