Winter advice to ensure your property is properly protected

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At this time of year most of us are eager to batten down the hatches at home.  With winter setting in earlier than usual,  it is worth taking a few simple precautions to avoid the inconvenience and expense of property repairs during the chilly season:

  •  Ensure that your gutters and gulleys are clear so that rain water and melting snow can run off the roof and away from the building efficiently and that chimneys are swept and free of birds’ nests. 
  • Do a regular external check of your roof tiles and flashings. Loose and dislodged tiles or degraded lead flashing will allow snow and rain to come and even small amouts of moisture over a prolonged period can cause serious long-term timber problems and ceiling damage.
  • It is also worth checking attic spaces internally to ensure that roof linings are in tact and that there is no vermin damage.
  • Make sure that your pipe work is properly lagged and if you do spot a frozen pipe turn off the water supply immediately and apply moderate heat from a     hot water bottle or hair dryer – check for any cracks or leaks before turning the supply back on.
  • During very cold periods of weather it is worth keeping your central heating on at a low level particularly if your property is unoccupied for any length of time.
  • If you do employ staff you have a ‘duty of care’ to ensure that there is at least one properly maintained safe access route into and out of the building, which should be kept reasonably clear at all times.
  •  Make sure that you have an up-to-date good all risks home insurance policy that gives you comprehensive protection.


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